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Salmon Release

In April Division 10 had the wonderful opportunity to be part of the salmon release at Guichon Creek, on the BCIT campus.  Tucker’s grandpa, Mark Angelo, has been involved in river restoration for many years (founder of BC and World Rivers Day), and invited us to be part of the salmon release this year.  The kindergarten students helped to release 15,000 juvenile Chum salmon into Guichon Creek.  We were lucky to have a sunny day, and everyone enjoyed their outdoor nature experience.  Mark hopes that in four years when the salmon return, that this year’s Kindergarten students will be able to visit the creek again and observe the returning salmon.  A great day in nature, and an excellent learning experience for the students.

A short video was taken and put on YouTube entitled “Kids, Creeks and Nature”.  It focuses on the importance of engaging children with nature – and how exploring a creek or stream with the little ones in your lives can be a great way to do that. Check it out…

A big thanks to Mark and family!