School Goals 2014-2015

Writing: To support and strengthen the writing performance of all students

I. Students will improve their ability to self-assess their writing using a rubric and set a goal for improvement

Rationale: To support and strengthen students’ ability and desire to take charge of their own learning, identify areas of strength and set a goal towards improving their writing. We have also been using the language of Seven Habits of Highly Effective Kids by Steven Covey to teach students how to ‘Begin with the End in Mind’ and set goals towards academic improvements. Staff identified this area of writing as foundational for all improvement and an area that needed a focus school wide.

Self-Management: To support and strengthen their ability to self-manage

I. Improve students’ ability to manage stress, control impulses, emotions, thoughts and behaviors

Rationale: Although our students are generally well behaved and high achieving, staff have identified a number of students needing extra support in the area of self-management. Through conversation with parents, teachers and students and our understanding about the connection to effective self-management and academic success we feel enhancing these skills school wide will benefit all students including the students most vulnerable. We are using the language of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Kids by Steven Covey to teach concepts of self-management.